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this we believe..


doctrine matters

At Sojourn, we join with the centuries full of churches that hold to a high and exalted view of Scripture. All of Scripture is completely true, without error. All of Scripture encapsulates one storyline--God's redemptive purposes fulfilled in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It all points to and exalts Christ! 

Our beliefs are formed from Scripture--therefore the Doctrines we hold matter. It is extremely popular in our time to go with adage, "Can't we all just love Jesus and get along?" Well, Jesus wouldn't like that statement. He was killed because of who He said He was--the living God. That is a doctrinal statement. He didn't just come to "get along." He came in "grace and truth" (John 1:14, 17). He came to deliver grace. He died because of truth. Truth matters. Doctrine matters. 

Our full statement of faith was adopted from The Gospel Coalition and summarizes our beliefs. 

All of our doctrines are gospel-centered and Christ-exalting, meaning all of it points to the death, resurrection, ascension, and return of Jesus Christ. 

All of our doctrines are God-centered, meaning that God's Word and God's perspective revealed in Scripture will always dictate over our own felt needs or cultural transitions. 

All of our doctrines are meant to lead us towards love and a lifestyle that exalts Christ and expands His Kingdom. 

We are affiliated with the Sojourn Network (church planting network). See Sojourn Network Distinctives below.