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Writers shape minds. God determined that "His words," His own self-disclosure would come down through the centuries in a book. It is the power of the Holy Spirit to use those words of the gospel message in the Bible to transform us. 

So much of what we have learned and applied has been handed down to us through resources like books. 


I personally (Sankie) have just purchased the Crossway Gospel Transformation Bible and have loved the way the study notes at the bottom of the page show how each story and each chapter of every book connects and points to God's redemptive purposes through Christ. The editors at Crossway have labored extensively to keep their connections in a hermeneutically contextual fashion as the notes point to God's redemption in Christ. 


Do you have a workable plan to read through the Bible in a way that encourages you, nourishes your soul, and stirs your affections for Christ? 

We also love the ESV Study Bible Plan because of how its organization shows the unity of the Bible.

In addition, Crossway offers a great selection of reading plans that you can have delivered to you daily via text message, email, RSS, or as an iCal event.

Choose your plan and delivery over at Crossway's site. 



Check out how you or your family could do this today in 3 minutes with New City Catechism

Most of us struggle and are fearful about trying to lead spiritual devotions or discussions through the Bible. These resources were created with this in mind and provide supplemental videos, prayers, Scriptures, devotions, and discussion questions for families at every level of spiritual growth. 

My family has been using three resources for family devotions for along time: Stories in the Bible, New City Catechism, and The Bible Project