faithful gospel presence

We want to become a Faithful Gospel Presence.

We desire to see God re-create a community that is a loving expression of the gospel across racial, socio-economic, status, and ethnic diversity. We want to learn to RECOGNIZE prejudice of all forms at the heart level and want to REPENT from it and RELEARN through the GOSPEL. 

[ 3-Tiered Purpose ]

Sojourn Church has a three-tiered plan for seeing the gospel bring long-term spiritual and social renewal for the glory of God and the good of the city: 1) Church-planting, 2) Residency for Planters/Missionaries, and 3) Local Community Renewal Initiatives. 

1) CHURCH PLANTING: Sojourn Church desires to multiply and launch out disciples to plant several other churches throughout this city, this region of the U.S., and to the ends of the earth. 

2) RESIDENCY PROGRAM: Alongside the church, we are intentionally developing the Sojourn Residency for leaders sensing a call for assessment, equipping, and launching future church plants both near and far. 

3) COMMUNITY GOSPEL RENEWAL: And finally, we want to collaborate with Christian and civil institutions, churches, schools, supporters, and marketplace businesses to mobilize social initiatives in our particular areas for the good of the city. These include community study and research for strategic long-term opportunities of care, business development and job placement, health services, athletic programs, tutoring/mentoring in local schools, and affordable housing development and remodels. (See —A partner with many Sojourn Network churches)

There is a phenomenal work going on in North Tulsa with a similar vision at Crossover Community Impact ( and their partnering churches and institutions. They are many steps ahead of us—but working towards similar goals of seeing gospel renewal at all levels of a community.