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theological vision & values

 Biblical Convictions give us our Theological Vision. Vision creates a future. 

Vision is the collaborative snapshot you believe God is going to re-create in the near future. 

Vision expects God to show Himself as God, in all His fame, power, and authority, as His people join Him in a particular place, at a particular time, among a particular people. Vision instructs for such a time as now. 

Vision can be used by God to spark passion. Shared Vision and Shared Passion are powerful.

Shared Vision...Extreme Passion...Expected Risks...Holy Spirit Renewal...and a Captivating Christ defined the early church in Acts and the New Testament.  


our theological values

  1. love. we love: we love God and others

  2. belonging/community. we belong: We belong in relationships of care

  3. sharing/generosity. we share: We share the gospel, life, time, and our stuff

  4. discipleship/relationships. we multiply: We multiply disciples, gospel communities (groups of believers), and churches


We desire to see God re-create a group of individuals and families who have a high & exalted view of Jesus Christ--through our focus in God's word, prayer, and discipleship. 

We desire to see God re-create several gospel communities of love, trust, authenticity, and vulnerability where people know they are loved and accepted--with the hope of gospel-wrought conviction, repentance, and renewal as we pursue Christ together. 

We desire to see God re-create environments of life-on-life disciple-making where we learn to be better individual disciples of Christ, better couples, and better parents. 

We desire to see God re-create a community that is a loving expression of the gospel across racial, socio-economic, status, and ethnic diversity. We recognize prejudice of all forms and want to remove it and relearn through the gospel. 

We desire to see God re-create several engaged gospel communities who love, serve, and give generously of our time and resources to those furthest removed from the love of God.