Our convictions

Biblical Convictions  [Drive]  Vision & Values  [Which In Turn Determine]                 Cultural Expressions/Ministries


Convictions are not just what we say or what we think. Convictions drive how we live. 

Convictions are gifts from God to be embraced--not avoided and feared. 

Convictions are God-given, enjoyed, and have significant implications on our lives. 

Convictions determine our priorities, time, schedule, relationships, values, and lifestyle. 

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The Bible

The authority of Scripture is sufficient for all matters of life, salvation, and spiritual care.

We have a high and exalted view of Scripture and believe it is inspired by God, infallible and without error. 

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Prayer and communion with our God is essential. In prayer, we have audience with God Himself. We desire to be marked by and continuously aware of our privilege and posture before our Tri-une God.

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Gospel-Centered Conviction, Repentance, & Renewal

We are never beyond our need for the gospel. The Holy Spirit uses the gospel to convict us, bring us to repentance, and renewal.


Christ-Captivating Discipleship, Missions, & Evangelism

We have been captivated in Christ. This has shifted our Identity and Mission from pleasing self--to faithfully loving God and others most pointedly with the gospel of Christ.

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Grace-Oriented Diversity in Community

God is a relational God. Three "Persons" in One God. We see the beauty of the diversity in the Godhead working through redemptive history for a people from all tribes, tongues, nations, and languages. 

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Humble Generosity in Service & Resources

We want to give of our time, service, resources, possessions, and money to further the advancement of the gospel.

We have convictions from the Bible and about the Bible.

We have convictions about Prayer as abiding necessity.

We have convictions about Gospel-Centered Conviction, Repentance, and Renewal through the Holy Spirit. 

We have convictions about Christ-Captivating Discipleship, Missions, and Evangelism. 

We have convictions about Grace-Oriented Diversity in Community.

We have convictions about Humble Generosity in Service & Resources.